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No-fly cruises from the UK to Asia explore a land of spiritual traditions, exotic cities and contrasting landscapes. Exciting experiences await in destinations including Singapore, Hong Kong and Vietnam, while the idyllic islands of Malaysia, the Maldives and Philippines offer peace and tranquillity. Wherever you visit, you’re guaranteed a voyage of contrasts, with ancient sitting alongside modern, and rural life just a stone’s throw from the sights and sounds of the cities.

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Asia Cruises

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About Asia Cruises

Cruise from the UK to India, a country which awakens all of the senses. Explore the sprawling city of Mumbai with is lively bazaars, sacred temples and fine-dining restaurants. Mormugao is the former capital of Portuguese India and the gateway to Goa, renowned for its beaches and tranquil fishing villages. Kochi or Cochin is located on an estuary and has attracted traders and explorers to its shores for hundreds of years. It is an unlikely mix of Portuguese, Dutch and English influences.

Ports of call in Malaysia often include Port Klang, gateway to Kuala Lumpur overlooked by the iconic Petronas Towers, while Manila is a highlight of the Philippines. Lively bazaars and shopping malls sit alongside 16th-century churches and ancient forts.

Japan is renowned for its beautiful mix of modern and traditional, as well as the cherry blossom which sweeps across the country in the spring. Kagoshima is often compared to the Italian city of Naples, Shimizu offers unparalleled views of Mount Fuji, and Yokohama is home to the beautiful Sankei-en Garden containing well-preserved Japanese residences. Cruises often continue to South Korea calling at Busan with its white sandy beaches, and China, visiting Shanghai, a city with two faces. Beyond some of the world’s tallest skyscrapers and luxury shops are narrow alleyways lined with traditional houses.

Hong Kong with its ever-growing skyscrapers and glittering high-rises overlooking Victoria Harbour is a popular stop before arriving in Vietnam and Cambodia. Ha Long Bay is a jewel in Vietnam’s crown. Thousands of limestone karsts pierce the emerald waters of this UNESCO-listed bay, while the Cambodian city of Sihanoukville is fringed with stunning white sandy beaches.

Explore the heart of Singapore, its Central Business District which is home to the famous 19th-century Raffles Hotel, and a stark contrast to the idyllic island of Phuket in Thailand, and Male in the paradise archipelago of the Maldives.